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What You Need To Know About

Allograft Implants.

While the human body is amazingly resilient, it can sometimes be pushed beyond its limits. If your doctor has told you that you need something called an allograft tissue implant to repair damage done to your body, this website will give you important information we hope you’ll find helpful.

An allograft is tissue that is surgically transplanted from one person to another. You may find it reassuring to know that allografts have been used successfully for more than 150 years, and approximately one million allografts are transplanted each year in the United States in procedures that include:

  • ACL repair
  • Joint reconstruction in the knee and ankle
  • Meniscal replacement
  • Reconstruction due to cancer or trauma
  • Ridge augmentation in dental procedures
  • Shoulder repair
  • Spinal fusion
  • Urological procedures

We invite you to learn more about allografts. Please explore this website for additional information. And if you’d like to share your donor or recipient story with us, please
click here.


  • What is an allograft?
  • What is an allograft?
  • What is an allograft?

Common Myths

Myth: I will get a disease such as HIV or cancer from donated tissue.

With an increased demand for allograft tissue, the availability of safe allografts has become a focus of the tissue industry, surgeons, and patients alike. The safety of any tissue is contingent upon three stages – donor screening, laboratory testing and tissue preparation validated to address potential disease transmission.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor

It is important to discuss any questions or concerns with your physician before your surgery.

  • What are the risks associated with my surgery?
  • What are the benefits associated with my surgery?
  • How long will I be in surgery?